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Although our exacting standards for food safety and cleanliness have always been met or exceeded all standards, we invite you to our diners with full confidence that we have intensified our sanitation procedures.

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Dennys Protocols

Hygiene and social distancing protocols

The safety and well-being of our clients and our team members has always been and will continue to be our top priority.

  • Daily temperature control to all employees
  • Masks for all team members
  • Removal of all shareable items from tables
  • Social distancing throughout the restaurant
  • Digital menus with QR codes
  • Hand washing of the team members every 20 minutes with soap and water followed by an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Denny’s Donations – We Feed For Frontline Heroes

We are Denny’s. Even if things have changed and the new standarition may not seem so normal, we are still here, day and night, creating new ways to bring you and your loved ones the food you love. We have taken the measures to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and our community, from strengthening our hygiene and safety protocols to developing delivery options like contactless delivery. Even though the world has changed, our mission remains the same: feed you and your loved ones, and that will always be normal for us.

We contribute our grain of help
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Dear customers:

At Denny’s, the health and safety of our customers, employees and partners are always a priority, even more so at times like this.

Denny’s Costa Rica, as part of the international Denny’s franchise, bases its operation under a strict standards quality and focused on the best practices for food safety. It is for this reason that, aware of the current situation and the risk that the coronavirus outbreak entails, we are focused on maintaining and reinforcing these practices so that all of our customers have full assurance that they will enjoy a delicious meal, in a safe and clean environment, just as it has always been.

To ensure that we can react with agility and speed, we have taken the following preventive steps:

– Communicate about the preventive measures provided by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization..

– Periodic reminders of the best practices in food safety, personal hygiene and virus prevention.

– Monitoring or follow up of the best practices, reports, questions and answers about the outbreak by the relevant entities.

We trust that we have the correct programs and procedures in order to maintain safety in our community, clients and collaborators.


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Loly Castro
Director Denny’s Costa Rica

Nuestros protocolos de Seguridad

En Denny's Costa Rica hemos tomado las medidas para garantizar la seguridad de nuestros empleados, clientes y comunidad, desde el refuerzo de nuestros protocolos de higiene y la seguridad en la entrega de nuestros productos.

Aunque nuestros exigentes estándares de seguridad alimenticia y de limpieza siempre han cumplido o superado todas las normas, te invitamos a nuestros comedores con la plena confianza de que hemos intensificado nuestros procedimientos sanitarios, que ahora incluyen:

  • Control de temperatura diario a todos los empleados
  • Tapabocas para todos los miembros del equipo
  • Eliminación de todos los artículos de uso compartido de las mesas
  • Distanciamiento social en todo el restaurante
  • Protocolos de higiene para cada silla, mesa, silla alta para niños, menú y envase de condimento tras la visita de cada cliente
  • Menús de acceso web por medio de QR codes
  • Lavado de manos de los miembros del equipo con agua y jabón seguido de un desinfectante de manos a base de alcohol
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